Out of concern for the safety of our guests, we’re requiring everyone intending to attend to be fully vaccinated. 


Jim and Teresa were originally from two different countries, spoke different languages and would have never met without a series of coincidences.

They are both introverts and would not have met if not of a mutual friend who loves music. Their friend invited them to an Evanescence concert in Worcester, MA in 2011. The first coincidence is despite their different preference in music, Evanescence happened to be a band that they both like. The second coincidence is Jim would not have gone if he hasn't just bought a car and Teresa would not have gone if there wasn't a ride. They kept in touch afterwards and continued to hang out as friends. Jim's dry sense of humor and quick wit caught Teresa's attention, and Jim found Teresa funky and interesting.

In summer 2013, Jim and Teresa started dating. In the next 8 years, they attended more concerts together, went on a few epic trips, and spent numerous weekends walking across the Harvard bridge between Boston and Cambridge, chatting, laughing and enjoying the sunset together.

Jim and Teresa may be different in many ways, but they found a part of themselves in each other. On June 19, 2022. Jim and Teresa will add a new chapter to their life story and exchange their wedding vows at their favorite place on the Charles River.


We have coordinated a block of rooms at the Kimpton: Marlowe Hotel. Please make your reservations using the link below no later than Friday, May 20, 2022.


If you wish to RSVP electronically, please send us an email by using the button below. Please include your name(s) and meal selections. 

Please RSVP by May 15.



We have set up a gift registry option should you wish to buy us a wedding present. We've also linked to our favorite charities if you'd like to make a donation. However, you should not feel obliged to get us a gift; all we really want on our wedding day is to have you there to celebrate the occasion with us.